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Bulldog Battery Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high quality industrial batteries and chargers. Bulldog's facility is located in Wabash Indiana.American made Our production equipment utilizes the latest technology available to produce the highest quality industrial batteries and chargers possible.

Total Quality Control
Just A Few of The Special Features Are

Cube weight is 100% checked for more accurate plate weights and more uniform capacity

Crows foot for a heavier strap and a better bond to the plate

Moss shield is retained and is not allowed to float

Sleeve separator for enhanced capacity

Additional glass wrap on the positive plate for better capacity and life

Unique formation complete with "discharge" and "equalization"

Special steel tray design for packing maximizing life

Special steel tray coating (piedmont epoxy) for better corrosion resistance

Heaviest intercell connector in the industry

Heaviest lead head in the industry

All contact tips are sweat on not crimped

Cable jacket is retained in the lead head with a special retaining ring

Contact tip and cable jacket are covered with heat shrink tubing

Packing for the battery creating a tight fit giving better life

Each battery is weighed and stamped accordingly

Each battery is checked for voltage and polarity prior to shipping

DO’S &



bullet Keep FLAME, SPARKS, METALLIC OBJECTS away from top of battery.
bullet Don't over discharge batteries.
bullet  Add water FREQUENTLY to maintain CORRECT level.
bullet Don't add TOO MUCH water.
bullet Read instructions on Proper charger setting
bullet Don't change batteries UNNECESSARILY.
bullet Allow battery to charge fully before using.
bullet Don't Disconnect battery before turning charger off.
bullet Use Hydrometer to check state of charge.
bullet Don't damage connectors by dropping on floor.
bullet Keep battery top area clean and dry.
bullet Don't lift batteries with chains only USE A SPREADER BAR.
bullet Allow battery to COOL down before using after charging.
bullet Don't MEDDLE with charger adjustments.
bullet Keep charging equipment in good repair; clean occasionally by blowing out with compressed air.
bullet Don't add anything other than water to batteries.
bullet Give COLD batteries EXTRA time to charge.
bullet Don't ignore problems. Eliminate them with proper action.
bullet Wash and neutralize batteries when required.
bullet Don't GUESS about batteries and chargers. ASK questions - be informed, be safe and productive

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